About Atrion


As a leading manufacturer of medical devices and components, Atrion makes a wide range of products for specific niche markets, primarily in the field of health care. Most of the company’s products are supplied to the cardiovascular, ophthalmic and fluid delivery markets.


Successful Products


While Atrion is a comparatively small company in the medical products industry, it is the leading U.S. manufacturer of products in several market niches, including soft contact lens disinfection cases, clamps for IV sets, vacuum relief valves, surgical loops used in minimally invasive surgery, and check valves. As an extension of its expertise in valve design and manufacturing, Atrion also is the leading manufacturer of valves and inflation devices for the marine and aviation markets, supplying valves used in safety products such as life vests, and inflatable boats.


Innovative Products


Atrion’s approach to product development focuses on meeting market needs with innovative solutions:

  • For the cardiovascular market, Atrion introduced the MPS® Myocardial Protection System, providing the surgeon with total flexibility to continually change the mix, temperature, flow rate and precise quantities of medications delivered to the patient during open-heart surgery. The second generation of MPS®, introduced in 2005 as MPS2® provides several new functions including cyclic flow capability.
  • For the ophthalmic market, the company manufactures the LacriCATH® balloon catheter and the device to inflate it, providing the ophthalmic surgeon with a minimally invasive means of treating blockages in tear ducts.
  • In fluid delivery, Atrion’s proprietary line of needle-free valves eliminates the use of needles in many routine procedures, thus protecting medical personnel against exposure to infection through accidental needle-sticks.

A key strength of Atrion is its ability to develop customized solutions for small and large customers, and to deliver products to the marketplace quickly and cost-effectively. The company’s focus on creative product design, low-cost manufacturing and exceptional customer service has created a portfolio of well-performing core products and a history of long-standing partnerships with its primary customer base.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Atrion has three facilities — in Texas, Alabama and Florida — housing approximately 400,000 square feet of design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and research and development activities.

Atrion’s stock is traded on the Nasdaq Market System under the symbol ATRI.

Atrion Officers And Board Of Directors

  • Emile A. Battat, Chairman
  • David A. Battat, President and CEO
  • Cindy Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Preston G. Athey, Director
  • Ronald N. Spaulding, Director
  • Hugh J. Morgan, Jr., Director
  • John P. Stupp, Jr., Director
  • Jeannette Bankes – Director
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