Product Summaries

Atrion is a leading supplier of medical devices and components to niche markets. Atrion designs, manufactures and sells a variety of medical products and components to markets worldwide. Some of Atrion’s product lines include:

Cardiovascular Products

At the heart of Atrion’s cardiovascular products is the MPS® 3 ND Myocardial Protection System. Now in its third generation, this proprietary technology delivers essential fluids and medications to the heart during open-heart surgery. The MPS® 3 ND allows unprecedented control and flexibility in the delivery of whole blood and additives to the heart during surgery.

Fluid Delivery Products

Atrion has developed a wide variety of luer syringe check valves and one way valves designed to fill, hold and release controlled amounts of fluids or gasses on demand for use in various intubation, catheter and other applications. Our swabable luer valves provide an economical replacement for needle access ports in drug delivery. Some of these valves include Atrion’s: Atrion is an industry leader in the manufacturing of medical tubing clamps. Our line includes clamps economically priced for the disposable market while offering such features as six match-to-fit sizes with compatibility to all grades of medical tubing, molding in a variety of materials, and compatibility with different sterilization processes.

Atrion develops and manufactures several specialized intravenous fluid delivery tubing sets and accessories. The intravenous fluid delivery line includes more than 50 distinct models used for complex therapy procedures employed in anesthesia administration, intravenous feeding, intensive care and cancer therapy.

Ophthalmic Products

Atrion’s LacriCATH® balloon catheter, used in ophthalmic procedures to treat blockages of the tear duct, occupies the leading market position as a balloon catheter that has been cleared by FDA.

Atrion is a leading U.S. manufacturer of soft contact lens disinfection cases. Atrion utilizes the highest quality patented construction, producing a complete line of competitively priced products which are compatible with all solutions for use with soft or rigid gas permeable lenses.


Contract Manufacturing 

Atrion provides contract manufacturing services for other major original equipment manufacturers of medical devices. Our facilities are registered with the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. Our comprehensive services, including patent assistance and regulatory support, help our customers take their products from idea to reality.

Atrion can handle every step in the manufacturing process – from concept to full-scale production – or assist at any point along the way. Our core competencies include:

  • Engineering product design and development
  • Prototyping
  • Assembly
  • Insert and injection molding
  • Automation
  • RF-welding
  • Ultrasonic and heat sealing
  • Sterile packaging



Marine & Aviation Inflation Components

Atrion is the leading manufacturer of inflation systems and valves used in marine and aviation safety products. Atrion manufactures inflation devices, oral inflation tubes, right angle connectors, valves, and closures for life vests, life rafts, inflatable boats, survival equipment, and other inflatable structures. Atrion also produces many one-way and two-way “breather” valves for use on electronics cases, munitions cases, pressure vessels, transportation container cases, escape slides, and many other medical and non-medical applications requiring pressure relief.

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